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Hey guys! Thanks a lot for all these wonderful years of support, I can't believe that I had a chance to receive an internship(just a month ago) at the animation studio mainly because I overcame my fears of posting my arts on the social media. The whole overcoming of my fears led me to meet a lot of awesome art buddies, art mentors and professionals in the industry whom I really admired and looked up to(and still do!).

But now I'm looking forward to your support on my Patreon page(link below). What'cha get for it? Super cheap drawings! There's nothing to lose, every starbucks coffee donation helps a bunch! If you're a great friend of mine, I can give ya' a drawing for a smaller price, just send me a note. :iconshaplz:


Also, if you like Undertale, Psychonauts and other awesome stuff, make sure to pledge to an awesome artist VickyViolet at her Patreon page!
Ey guys! Thanks again for being with me from the beginning or from whenever a banana flew through your window. Anymonkeyballs, I've got a blog thingy up and running, so if you're interested in art tutorials, tips, my stories, my art or anything to do with what I'm doing, check it out -

You can also find me on these sites:
Facebook: Laughé
Tumblr: ErnieTheMighty
Twitter: ErnieTheMighty
YouTube: ErnieTheMighty

Stay amaze. <3
Okay. Here's the thing I wanted to write in the past few weeks but never got to it because I'm lazy at writing stuff. : D

    I've started with digital art in March 2013. Got my first tablet in April 2013. March - September: all I've been doing was tracing and photo-manipulation. Then until December, I was copying stuff. And in December 2013, I've started to study that stuff.
    What is this journal entry? Why do you need it? I will try to explain to you how I improved so much in pretty much... two months? This entry is meant for those who are either really REALLY really REALLY new at drawing or for people who are really good at it but notice that they're not improving at all. There are just series of tips. Take them or eat them.
    Before we start, I want you to think right now(if you haven't yet): do you need your art knowledge for a job, or for a hobby? This is important. Please don't skip answering this question. Think about it. This entry is meant for both hobbyists and potential Disney employees. XD Personally I'm dreaming of working with either Blizzard or Disney in either sphere of concept artist or an animator. Or something like that. I haven't decided completely on that part yet. But all I need to know now is that I want this to be my future career, and that's it. It's settled. If I'll fail, I'll work as a sales assistant for used shoes. O___O
    One more thing. This journal is filled with my own notes and opinions. This is my journal. If you want to insult my taste or opinion, kindly SKIP OFF. I'll block you. I'm gonna getcha. O____O Yeah. Turn up some music while reading this. Use my playlist if you want: [lionk O_O]

    Arghhhh! You just hate this word, don'tcha? Anatomy, gestures, gah. Who needs those. You have a tablet and you should start with the easiest stuff. Of course. Not.
    Let's get this straight. Anatomy, gestures, 3D shapes in a different light, environments - are important. It's not a journal about that. Just keep in mind, you need this knowledge, no matter what you're drawing. I'll explain later in this journal.
    It's important to draw with a pencil. Forget about your tablet for now. Get a sketchbook and sketch things. But not random things. For example, you take a picture of a leg, and try to copy it. It's wrong. You must study it first. That means, LOOK AT IT. JUST LOOK AT IT. Longer. A little more. And one more minute. Okay. You're done. Now you can copy. Or draw from memory. : D
    Remember to study every day. Trust me, if you know where to look, you will always find something to study. So where do you look? YouTubers(more about them later) and art books are the best sources. Forget about art schools. Forever.
    DO NOT EVER TRACE. Unless you really need to. BUT DON'T ANYWAY.

    These are generally the same things. Well.. Animation is a broader term, it can mean more than what I'm talking about. But here's the thing - cartoons, anime, manga, comics. They're all simplified versions of reality. To simplify reality, you need to know how actual reality works, okay? I think you get my point. Drawing cartoons is a not less kind of a professional thing than drawing CG art. You simplify it, so you can more easily use it to animate. Remember your favorite cartoons. Look at them. See what I mean? Yeah. You do. YOU DOO. You better. O_O
    You probably started with cartoons or anime anyway. I bet 99% you did. Nah. I'll just be honest. 100%. You started with it. All of you. Each single one of you. But you did this wrong. And you didn't know why. Study fundamentals and you'll know why, if you don't know yet.

   No. Mark Pancakeberg doesn't have anything to do with this.
   dA is not the only art-related site, okay? Just look around. Find forums which match your skill very well(I'm not afraid of that word, you can throw pancakes at me if you want - let's face it, my skill level is not the same as yours on a field we're talking about - you're either higher, or lower). What for? Why? I won't be explaining why. I think you get it.
    Find people who share same interests as you. Socialize(lol). Find people who encourage you. Ignore people who give destructive criticism or eat your pancakes.

    Okay. Let me start by giving you a little list of YouTubers you must check.
  • Sycra
  • FZD
  • Bluefley
  • Jazza
  • Will Terrell
  • Scott Robertson
    Do whatever you want with this list. O___O No gore edits please.
    Other places to look for inspiration: movies, shows, music, real-life and virtual museums, some specific deviants or artists.
    Here are some of my dA inspirations: 
Click a random one and you'll see how their art inspired me. O_O I hope you'll see. You better. Please. Notice it. Senpai. O_O

    It's important to know what's beautiful art and what's not. If you're going for exposure, you also need to know what people will definitely like. Be original and creative. For example I'm totally mad about bromance. You show it to me = it's instantly in one of my collections. Okay. You know what I like. Now see what other person likes. Now another. Make surveys. Stalk people. Virtually only, please.
    Study what people really dislike. I dislike shotacon a lot. Even if my name states the opposite, it doesn't mean the same to me. In my drawings, 95% of them contain shotas. That's what I call my style. Okay? Okay. Okay. Okay. O_O Okay? //slapped

    OH MY GOD. Artblewck. We all had, have and will have it. It will wear off. It will come back. You just can't do a thing about it. It exists, and let's face it. Art block is when you can't pick a pencil because you're not inspired enough. But you're not inspired enough to get inspired neither. So what do you do? Let's jump to the next term - comfort zone. As you know(blergblergblergh), it's what you feel good about drawing, you can draw it well, and stuff.
    Why did I bring comfort zone into this monologue? ERMERGAWD GET OUT. O____O No. Stay here. Actually. We'll need you. But... We'll not.
    Basically, when you have art block, you must draw out of your comfort zone. You must force yourself. It's hard to explain. So just do it. Draw what you hate when you don't want to draw. For example legs. I hate legs. I mean... I love them. But I hate them. Pancakes.

   Sit down(or stand up), write likes, dislikes, plan your career, stare at other people's works who inspire you. Study. Study. Study. Study. Draw. Study. OOoooo! Did I actually include DRAW here? Yes. You also need to train your creativity. Apply your studies to your drawings. But make sure that you do 90% studies and only 10% finished draws. Ok? Good. Hope that helps. I really hope it does. It better.

Blemba, kiek prirašiau.
Stolen/inspired from :iconthe-bright-smile:

1. What animal/creature you remind me of.

2. What color I think fits you.

3. How I feel about you.

4. My favorite OC of yours(if you have any).

5. What season you remind me of.

6. Tell you what food you smell like in my head.

7. Think of a random nickname for you.

8. What element you remind me of.

9. Put this in your journal, too. (Optional)

(Sorry for a journal, watchers. I swear, I'm not a journal spammer. One journal a month, is that ok? XD)
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